HD Machine Co.
"Your Machine Parts Specialist!"


Best Quality at your service.

With our CNC mills and lathes at HD Machine Co., we can produce custom machine parts of very high quality to fit your need.
    From the prototype to the finished product, we can manufacture your machine parts with accuracy to a tolerance of +/- .0005.
    We work with a variety of materials for the creation of your machine parts. We have the capability of producing machine parts from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic. Finishes are also available, such as nickel plating and anodizing.
    During the manufacturing process you can be guaranteed of the utmost attention to detail in order to produce the most accurate machine parts.
    The manufacturing turn around time on multiple quantity orders is two weeks.


Fadal VMC 4020 CNC Mill

Fadal Milling Machine.jpg

Okuma & Howa HL-20 CNC Lathes

O&H HL 20 lathe.jpg

Okuma MC V4020 CNC Mill


end mills 1.jpg

      haas vf-2 CNC Mill


cnc bandsaw

CNC Band Saw.jpg